Chini Pizarro 2019 Campus


A technification campus to continue promoting women's football from its bases

The client

Cristina «Chini» Pizarro is one of the leading players in women's football in Spain.

After proclaiming herself champion of the Cup of SM La Reina as one of the captains of the Royal Society in 2019, she contacted us because she wanted to boost women's football through a technification Campus with which to start creating school.

The project

The project started with the objective of promoting women's football in the Community of Madrid, due to the origin of Cristina, finally getting the involvement of an important municipality such as Leganés.

The quality of the Campus was incredible, with young players coming from the main clubs of the Community, who were able to enjoy Cristina's company with an unusual proximity and involvement. The assistance of the player, together with the amount of material she gave to the participants and organized excursions, among which the visit to the facilities of the Leganés Sports Club or invitations to the Real Family Fest, made the experience difficult forget.


The foundations of a project to place Leganés and Cristina as referents in women's grassroots football.

The excellent quality of the Campus and the involvement of the player and the City Council of Leganés have laid the foundations to continue working on new projects that promote women's football in this region of Madrid.






project to boost
women's football

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