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Sports Camps
An unforgettable experience

We take care of the complete management of the campus; from the design, the promotion of the same until the start-up and execution. We offer several types of campuses:

  • multisport
  • Technical training camps: football, basketball, paddle tennis ...
  • Professional players
  • Sport clubs

We rely on our own methodologies to achieve maximum technical quality, in addition to all kinds of practical tools to promote participation, companionship and student learning.

Camps key ingredients
All the campuses that we organize, both for our clients and those we do with our own brand, have something in common:
Clear operation

Each camp is special, everything has to be perfect, that's why we follow a project management methodology that guarantees quality in execution.


The smile of each child is a symptom of a goal fulfilled. We focus all our efforts on making the campus an unforgettable experience.


Families also need facilities. We have everything digitized to make it a simple and uncomplicated registration process.

_____ Campus Sportmadness

Success stories
Guaita Camp
Goalkeeper of Crystal Palace

Massanassa, Valencia (Spain)

Capa Soccer Camp
Athletic Club midfielder

Bergara, Guipúzcoa (Spain)

Moyá Soccer Camp
Goalkeeper of the Real Sociedad

San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa (Spain)

_____ I like it

I want to organize my sport camp with Sportmadness

We have been organizing camps for many years and we do it in all corners of the world. We apply a concrete project management method and training methodology adapted to each maturational age to ensure the success of the campus and the safety of the children.

We take care of everything. From the design of the sports program and its execution to the recruitment and personnel management. We promote the recruitment and registration of users through our digital platforms. In addition, with our programming of training by objectives, we get the best performance to the technical part of the sport while encouraging an environment of fun.

The Sportmadness delegate from your area. Our delegate will take care of the whole project, from the sports programming to the execution of the same, giving you personalized support and contributing your knowledge of the local sport.

We are ready. The beginning depends on you. You will work with our delegate in the setting of ambitious objectives and in the configuration of the sports program and use of facilities, adjusted to the needs of your users, with a real calendar.



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