Physical education at schools to end children obesity

Increasing Childhood obesity in recent years it has set off alarms, while we see how school sports and physical education stagnate.

Practice School sport and physical education from an early age it has a very important impact on the health and development of young people. The biggest problem that schools are currently facing is the high rates of obesity that are occurring. As considered by the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine"children and young people, prepubertal school children are a risk group and key to the prevention of obesity".

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A problem at the educational level latent in a large part of the centers

These rates, which are increasing, are due to the fact that children spend more time doing activities that demand a reduced caloric expenditure, instead of carrying out activities of greater energy demand.

Added to this, there is also a tendency to decrease the practice of school sports and physical education from the age of twelve. This may be due to the small amount of free time, given the increase in school assignments. Likewise, young people begin to choose what to do with their free time from this age, tending to decide on non-physical activities.

According to the study of sports habits of the school population in Spain:

"In general, the opinion of the school population regarding the subject of Physical education is positive, valued with an 8,2 over 10. In primary education it is valued more positively (8,9) than in secondary education (7,6). The importance given to the subject of Physical Education with respect to the rest of subjects decreases with age, passing from one 7,3 for both sexes to one 5,6 in boys and one 4,6 in girls. The feeling that teachers in general do not give importance to the subject of Physical Education grows with age, reaching the 6,4 in the case of boys.

By way of summary, it can be concluded that the popularity of the subject of Physical Education between the school population decreases with age, in the same way that it is reduced importance, both by them / as by the teachers, according to the perception of the / as school "

Font: Higher Council of Sports in Spain.

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The lack of sports habits is accentuated at home

Another determining factor in this sedentary lifestyle and decrease in physical activity by adolescents is given from home. Mainly, because the habit of doing sports activities from an early age is not created. This can be accentuated when no member of the family environment performs any sports practice.

We can conclude that there are several components that directly affect the decrease in the practice of school sports and physical education. But in reality, the focus should be on how to make the practice grow.

In this regard, there has to be an interest on the part of the three key parties: schools, teachers and families. The solution is to generate innovative actions between these three parties that motivate young people to prefer sports, instead of spending their free time in their homes, sitting in front of the television or computer.

The means to reach this solution is to motivate schools to offer higher quality and diversity of extracurricular activities. It is important to promote the school's alliance with sports management companies specialized in school sports. The subcontracting of the service to specialists allows to implement specific work methodologies to help end obesity in a safe way.

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