Futbol Factory Worldcup 2018


An innovative Tournament with the FIFA football world cup theme to promote the opening of a new store

The client

Futbol Factory is one of the reference stores in the world of football in Spain.

In June 2018 they opened a new physical store in the heart of Madrid and contacted us to see how they could promote this new opening and boost the sales of national shirts, with the FIFA World Cup of Russia 2018 around the corner.

The project

After analyzing the population distribution by country on a 1 km radius away from the new store, we designed a Football-7 Amateur Tournament to allow these clients to "feel national" during a weekend.

Sportmadness was in charge of the integral management of the project, with a great focus on trying to replicate the professional experience on an amateur level. In this way, the event was dressed with personalized jerseys, awards for the best players and a careful aesthetic that placed Futbol Factory's brand at the center of this party.


A brand close to its customers and present throughout the whole experience.

Before the event several digital campaigns were managed on social media to generate traffic, dissemination and expectation prior to the event, with a total impact of more than 200.000 users, also increasing store traffic through the delivery of the official kits of the tournament at this store.

Throughout the event, the Futbol Factory brand was present through several channels and key moments (photocall and promotional canvas, serigraphed kits, official communications, awards ...) achieving a 360º experience.

After the tournament the official chronicle was published and distributed, with a notorious appearance in several media and an official aftermovie was created that also had a great diffusion.







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