_____ The revolution of

School sport
The sport must be changed from the base

The extracurricular sports activities and extracurricular workshops of Sportmadness. It is one of the main services of Sportmadness as it directly contributes to the mission of changing the world through sport.

Difference your school offering a sport and quality learning to all your users. In short, it professionalizes the sport and improves the experience of all the students of your center.

Modular Service
This service is structured in 3 modules
You can hire the integral service or any of the modules independently.
Method and New sports

Give your users an innovative and differential sports offer. Encourage the participation of sports activities in your center.


In addition to using our Letizzia App, we digitize all the processes of your center so that the user experience is truly professional. Eato if it is revolution

Management of coaches

Quality trainers, well trained and that comply with an excellent operative ensuring the quality of the service. Professionalize the sport of your school.

_____ Our activities

Sports specialists
Classic Sports
Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball

The sports kings that we all know taken to the maximum exponent, both individual sports and team sports.

American Sports
Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Hockey.

"Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Hockey ... There's a reason they're the most popular in the USA. Which will be the most demanded in your center?

Smart Sports
Chess and Mindfullness

Chess and mindfulness are activities that improve your attention capacity and constant improvement.

Trend Sports
Skating, fitness kids, Yoga.

They are fashion sports and they are here to stay. It is surprising how many followers generate these sports quickly.

Martial Arts
Kárate, Judo, Taekwondo ...

Self-discipline and respect are clear examples of the values ​​transmitted by these disciplines.

The revolution of
School sport

_____ Clear bet for the


We have been managing sport in educational centers for a long time and one of the biggest advances is to manage everything in a centralized way and with technology. Having control of your classes is vital to improve. At Sportmadness we develop our own technology. We analyze the needs and create softwares to improve the processes.

We present to you


Are your users really happy with your service? Now you can find out with Letizzia


Are all enrolled to class? Something so obvious can not become a headache


Coaches need a channel to notify the user of possible changes. Here they have it! I am a block of text.

This is not everything. Letizzia has many more features.

_____ Management of product and service standardisations

Having a team of qualified and professional coaches is key in this sector.

Thanks to the modular arrangement of our MEGAESCOLARES service you can only hire the management of coaches and everything that entails. A professional team is essential so that the user experience is good.

The management of the coaches is day to day. It is the visible face of the center before its users, it is something that can never fail.

We will provide you with certified coaches, complying with all legal requirements such as negative certificate of sexual crimes, prevention of occupational risks, accident insurance, discharge of all workers, etc ...

Our coaches know and comply with the rules of the game in terms of dress, methodologies, use of technology, communication with the center, with the user, ethical codes of conduct or preparation of activity reports.

_____ I like it

I want to try the MEGAESCOLARES
We will offer quality sports and technology to parents and students of your school.
Personal Style Consultation

We want to improve the sport from the base. We have been doing 6 for years, thanks to a specific project management method, training methodology adapted to each maturational age and use of technology to improve communication and management of your extracurricular activities.

You can differentiate yourself in the offer of new sports and their specific method of training, as well as in the digital processes of registration, registration and cancellation of users or the use of our own management app, Letizzia. You can choose to stand out in everything or start little by little, you choose!

It is a modular service, which you can implement in its entirety through the Integral Management of your extracurriculars, or by parties, hiring by modules: Sport, Technology or Equipment.

The Sportmadness delegate from your area. Our delegate will help you analyze the needs of your users, design a personalized offer and apply the contracted modules. It will give you personalized support, contributing your knowledge of the local sport.

We are ready to serve you as soon as you make the choice. Our delegation in your area will analysis the needs of your students and you will work with you in setting ambitious objectives, as well as in the configuration of the sports program, adjusted to the needs of your users with a real calendar.

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