What resources should you keep in mind when preparing a camp?

When prepare a camp, you must decide which resources are key and which are not for its development.

The indispensable resources, will be those fundamental for the correct execution of the service. Without them, we could not carry out the basic tasks for prepare a camp nor the sports activities of the same. We refer mainly to technical personnel and sports equipment.

Furthermore, the optional resources they will not be critical in the realization of the camp, but they will serve to improve the user experience. Let's see, with the practical example of a Soccer Campus, what resources we refer to.


Essential resources for prepare a camp soccer



The coaches will make up the key part of the camp, the human factor being the most relevant in the execution of the service. Having experienced professionals with consolidated degrees in football and with human quality can be your best tool to make your campus a success. You will have to configure a group of coaches where there are different roles: coordinator, coach, monitor ...



It will be very important to have the enough balls for the proper execution of the campus. In this aspect, depending on whether it is a generic soccer campus or specific for goalkeepers, you will need between 1 and 2 balls for each participant. But this is not all ... you will also have to adapt the type of ball according to the age groups of your participants.



The basic support to configure the activities and technification exercises. The options are very diverse, but the key will be based on the technical methodology used by your coaches for the preparation of activities.

For our Soccer Campus, we will have sport equipment like cones, pikes, rings and the essential breastplates.

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En Sportmadness, we have been managing sports campuses for years. Therefore, we suggest you help you manage yours without having to devote extra resources. We accompany you from design to execution and daily management, adapting to your facilities to get the best user experience.

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Optional resources for prepare a camp soccer

  • Equipment: possibly, the optional resource that is most often used in a football campus. It is a very widespread element in all sports campuses and very well valued by parents and children. Even so, this resource will bring difficulties such as the configuration of the sizes, the availability of stock for all the participants and even the units included with the inscription. The truth is that, if you do not include this resource, the disadvantages will be greater than if you include it.
  • Awards: it will be an incentive for the involvement of the students, improving even their experience throughout the entire campus. The expectation generated with this resource can be a good ally, besides being able to resort to local sponsors.
  • Food: either in the form of a picnic or catering. It can be a fundamental element depending on the format and intensity of the camp, in addition to the location and time in which it is celebrated. The allergies of the participants, as well as the preparation and conservation of food can suppose a headache if not planned properly.
  • Recreational Destinations: the longer the duration of the campus, the more advisable it is to complete it. It is a different activity with which to enhance the student's entertainment and improve the campus experience in general. It will be a key element to build loyalty for future editions.
  • Promotional and audiovisual material: support resources to give visibility to the sponsors and create a lasting memory in the participants. The audiovisual material will be your best presentation letter when repeating an edition, as well as in other campuses that you want to launch.

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