Hero Padel Tournament


A new brand that opens a hole in the Spanish market through a tournament with a premium experience

The client

Hero Padel is a young brand of paddle shovels with a high-end product at reasonable prices.

After more than 20 years of experience manufacturing shovels, they decided to embark on this trip and launch their own brand to conquer the Spanish market, one of the world's benchmarks. In this beginning they need ways to approach the players to put their product in their hands. They want a direct exposure where they breathe that premium component of their brand.

The project

Aware of the popularity of the Paddle Tournaments, at Sportmadness we set out to create a different experience. A tournament that would bring the product of Hero Padel to target customers, surrounding it all in an environment in which to experience other sensations aligned with the values ​​of the brand.

Everything, from the search of facilities in an area that tune with Hero, to the design of the user experience during the tournament, was made with the aim of generating the maximum impact.

The result was a Round Robin Tournament with several male and female categories and a format that allowed to enjoy the competition without premature eliminations, and a select environment thanks to the inclusion of several collaborators and sponsors who energized a Saturday afternoon in which they breathed Hero Padel.


A Padel Tournament out of the ordinary.

More than 70 players met at Las Rejas Open Club in Majadahonda to participate in this day where they could see first-hand the product of Hero Padel, while enjoying other experiences such as juices and natural smoothies of freshly squeezed organic products, corners technical equipment of first brands or exclusive catering to replenish forces.

During the tournament, several brand activations were also carried out, highlighting the awards ceremony or the product testing, which managed to generate direct business for Hero in the event itself.







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