Trotting with Purpose


Caring for the environment through sports

The client

Ecologics is a Peruvian company determined to take care of the environment by offering sustainable alternatives to the products we use in our daily lives.

In its mission to raise awareness in society in the consumption of plastic, wanted to organize a career with which to insert in the Peruvians three good and simple habits such as not littering in public spaces, encouraged to pick up the garbage that one finds on the road and learn to separate and recycle waste in order to keep the city cleaner and pollution-free.

The project

Enchanted to be part of a project that offers the opportunity to have an impact on society through sports, our delegation in Peru got down to work to give life to this race in which participants collect the waste they find on their way.

With the responsibility of leading the entire organizational part of this innovative event, 10 created different career paths to maximize coverage. All these routes finally concluded at the same point where a large segregation station was set up, maximizing the repercussion, and where Ecologics promoters and the Ministry of the Environment taught the participants the secrets of recycling and setting up a great final party.

In addition to this, we executed the entire Communication Plan of the race achieving a great diffusion that had its central axis in a Facebook group that brought together more than 3.500 people around this movement, in addition to numerous appearances in the press, TV and radio.

The involvement transcended the organization and Sportmadness was able to offer its expertise in the design of the event, sports marketing and helping to optimize the economic performance of the project.


A race for being the one that picks the most waste.

The attendance and participation of several public institutions (Minister of the Environment or the Mayor of Jesus Maria among others) and sponsors such as Herbalife created a movement with a huge impact valued at 75.000 $.

The participation figures were also very good, bringing together more than 300 runners who toured the streets of the Jesús María district in Lima collecting more than 170kg of waste.

But above all there is an environmental movement led by a company like Ecologics determined to improve the world and in which sport has had a vital importance to help add supporters to this fight!



+$ 75.000

advertising value


kg of waste collected

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